Are You Not Finding a Job? Or Are Future Employers Running Away From You?

We all know that the current economy isn’t like the economy of a decade ago (or even five years ago). We know of friends, neighbors, or even our own family members who can’t seem to land a job no matter how hard they try or what they do.

Perhaps it’s not that the ones you care about can’t FIND a job. Maybe the employers just don’t like what they see on their social networking pages.

Like it or not, employers are using social media more and more for checking out job candidates to see if they’re the best for the position available. In fact, according to a recently published study, 92% of employers are currently using or will be using social media for hiring this year.

So what will employers be looking for on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles? Here are some qualities that employers are keeping their eyes peeled for:

You Have a Positive Nature – Status updates that are negative in tone can turn off some employers, especially if it’s constant. After all, who wants to work with someone who’s going to do nothing but complain all the time? If you tend to have positive status updates or a positive outlook on life, you will seem more appealing to employers.

You’re Honest and Clean – Lying about your qualifications and abusing drugs and alcohol are big no-noes in the working world. This goes for pictures that include alcohol or drugs as well. Bad-mouthing your former employers is also seen as a huge turn-off to many employers. Remember – keep it honest, and keep it clean.

You Volunteer – If you volunteer in your spare time, then don’t be afraid to tell the world once in a while or put it in your profile information! Employers tend to love those who volunteer because they view that person as having a kind, caring, and selfless nature (and maybe that nature will carry over into that person’s day job, too!).

Here are some qualities or actions that are posted on social media that could cause your potential employer to turn and run the other way (quickly!):

Your Posts are Explicit in Nature – References to illicit drugs, mentions of alcohol consumption, and posts that are sexual in nature tend to be viewed in a very negative manner by a large majority of employers, which leads to a lack of a job in the future.

You Disregard Using Proper Grammar – You may have graduated with honors from college recently, but if your updates and content are all riddled with grammatical errors and misspellings, this could spell disaster to your potential employer.

You Post Suggestive Pictures – If the photos you post show any drugs, alcohol consumption, or anything suggestive or sexual in nature, your potential employer might think that you have yet to mature and aren’t qualified for the job. I suggest that you refrain from posting pictures of you enjoying an alcoholic beverage, especially if you’re underage.

Remember, your social networks give the world a glimpse of who you are, and this includes any and all future employers. Even if you don’t give out your social networking information, your potential boss will look you up anyway. Keep in mind that they are very likely to scope out your profiles, especially if they need to weed out some candidates from the opening.

Think you don’t need to be on social media? Think again. If employers notice that you aren’t on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, they will not only think that you’re outdated, but they might also suspect that you may be hiding something, which puts you in an untrustworthy light.

So how comfortable would you be if your employer or future employer looked you up and started raking through your social media accounts?

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Don’t Make Facebook Your Personal Complaint Department


Oh, Facebook. I love and hate you sometimes. Or rather, I love and hate how others can use you sometimes!

Every morning, I hop on the computer to check my mail, Facebook, and Twitter. As anyone else who’s signed up on Facebook and Twitter, I love to keep up with my friends, family, and fans, and I enjoy keeping them all updated with my news, events, and pictures of Barry Manilow concerts.

There’s one aspect I absolutely HATE about social media: chronic whiners. Yes, I know it’s ironic that I’m complaining about complainers. But when it gets to the point that I feel the need to block you from my feed because your constant complaining is causing me to feel depressed, angry, or just in a negative mood in general, we’ve got a problem.

If you’re like me and have some of those friends who make you cringe with their chronic complaints and criticism on Facebook (you know, the ones that post an innocuous “L” as their status at least once a week!), then you know what I’m talking about!

Why do people feel the need to complain all the time? Yes, it’s no fun that you got little sleep, got out of bed and stubbed your big toe on the dresser, had to clean up your pet’s mess because she was scared by the storms last night, and are now running a few minutes late to get to work and need caffeine, like, stat! And you’re entitled to express yourself, your opinions, and your experiences on Facebook. But first of all, is your day really that horrible? Or are you just warping your problems a bit too much through your emotions?

It’s no secret that social media tools can be a VERY easy way to vent your frustrations. And sometimes, that urge to use Facebook or Twitter to vent about your troubles can be an itch that will never go away. That doesn’t mean that you should scratch it!

Think about it. What if you start feeling so liberal as to complain about your job? Or your mate? Or even your best friend? Not only will you hurt others’ feelings by posting on social media, and not bothering to confront them about the issue at hand, but it could also get you fired. Hint: Do NOT post, “God, I hate my stupid job sooooooo much. It’s sooooo boring.” There are plenty of other people who would be more than happy to take your “boring” job off your hands!

If you find that you fall into the category of chronic social media whiner, there IS hope. You can rectify your situation before it’s too late! Here are some strategies to keep you from becoming a chronic social media whiner:

Learn When It’s Appropriate To Complain on Social MediaAside from refraining from complaining about your job, don’t whine about vague issues. It’s not cool to post things like, “I love how some people can be sooooo stupid sometimes.” It’s called Facebook, NOT Vaguebook. If you’re doing this now, stop before you find yourself in hot water and down in the friends department.

Keep Things in Perspective – Your life may seem like it’s horrible at times, but try to keep things in perspective, especially when things seem like they’re falling to pieces. You have a roof over your head, food and water, and people who love you. There are some in the world who don’t have one or any of those things.

Complain in Moderation – You can complain about things, but try to not be that person who complains all the time on social media. Your “😦” status might get responses at first, but over time, you will see less and less people concerned about your vague status updates.

Vent to a Friend – Remember the good ol’ days when venting meant calling up a friend and talking about it for hours? Revisit those days – call a good, trusted friend, or email them, text them, or talk one-on-one! You’ll feel MUCH better!

Solve the Problem – That’s right. Instead of venting and whining, DO something about it! Rectify the problem with whomever did you wrong, and learn from your mistakes so you can avoid in the future whatever situation you’re in now.

Always Look For a Bright Side – When life gets you down, try to keep a positive attitude and look for all the positives in a situation. If you’re angry because you’re stuck behind a slow driver and are running late to work, you can simply turn up your music and realize that you at least get to listen to more of your favorite music. You never know – if you didn’t have that driver in front of you, you might be involved in a wreck! Count your blessings!

Remember, try to be the person on social media that gives others inspiration, not depression!