10 Ways To Improve Your Day in Just 5 Minutes!

Five minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, but it can mean making your day that much better (or worse)! In just five minutes, you can turn your tough day around to become a great day for you! It can also lower your stress level, raise your energy level, lower your blood pressure, AND give you just the right amount of inspiration you need to get through the rest of your day!

Take five minutes to try out one, several, or all of these tips to help you have a better day!

Stretch – No need to get into the downward-facing dog position! All you need to do is stretch your arms and legs for just a few minutes. Stretching can help improve your flexibility and circulation, and it can help ease any muscle tightness you may be experiencing!

Prioritize – No one’s in a good mood when things are thrown about helter-skelter. Go ahead and take a few minutes to put together a to-do list and prioritize what you need to do in your day. Nibble away at your list bit by bit, and you will find that you will not only get more work done but you will also be in a more positive mood!

When Life Gives You Lemons… – Sniff them! You heard me. When you’re stressed out (and have some lemons around), go grab one and take a few sniffs. Not into lemons? That’s okay – basil, juniper, and lavender do just fine when it comes to lowering your stress levels!

Clean Off Your Desk – Losing focus? Getting more and more negative as the day progresses? Stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and clear off your desk! Take a few minutes to properly file stray papers on your desk, clean up your coffee mugs, and generally declutter your workspace. You’ll find that you’ll work better than you have all day!

Meditate – If you find that your stress level is going through the roof, take a few minutes to get into a comfortable position and meditate. Just focus on your breathing and work on getting your stress level down. If you’re not into meditation, you can also try praying or finding a short, powerful mantra to help you get through your day.

Have a Laugh – In a bad mood? Feel like you’ll never shake your frown off your face? Go ahead and take a little time find humor in something! Put on a favorite comedy CD, watch a few clips from America’s Funniest Home Videos, or find a funny video on YouTube to watch and laugh at! You’ll find that once you start laughing, your bad mood will be withering away in no time!

Play Your Favorite Tunes – Did you know that listening to your favorite music can help lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, and boost your mood? It’s true! Put on your favorite tunes and watch your bad mood melt away!

Relive a Memory – When times are tough, try to conjure up a happy memory to put a big smile on your face. Think about your wedding day, a favorite outing with your friends, or the best part of your most favorite vacation to get yourself in a better frame of mind.

Turn Your Electronics Off – Technology in large doses can zap your energy straight away. Take some time in your day to log off you computer and stay away from your smart phone. Better yet, if you can, try to get outside and get some sunshine! Remember, just because the world is turned on 24-7, you don’t have to be!

Practice Gratitude – Take a minute every day to write down whatever it is you’re grateful for – big or small! Keep photos of events or people you are grateful for on your desk, too. This can help you appreciate all the positives you experience in your life and drown out all the negatives.

I hope that these tips will help you have a more positive day! Remember, there are no bad days, just bad moments!

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YOU Have The Power!

That’s right – you have the power!

Every time I get behind a slow car, I remember what I always say in training – “You have three choices – you can give ‘em a finger from your hand (your choice as to which finger), you can pull alongside them and yell at your first opportunity, or you can turn up your radio!”

It’s scary that I talk about that in every talk I give, yet I have to remind myself of my own advice each and every single time!

It’s crazy what your mind can do. It can provide you with a ton of options, but the trick to a positive attitude is knowing which option to select. Aside from the previous three options, you always have the fourth option – advice from my mother. She always says, “You should have left earlier.”

So last week my mother was on her way home from a golf outing and as we were talking she yelled, “You dummy… this guy just pulled out in front of me – RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.” I calmly said, “Mom, you should’ve left earlier.”

Yep, she was a bit quiet. I know from personal experience that it is HARD to take your own advice.

But another way to look at this particular situation is to realize what you can and what you cannot control. You cannot control the person in front of you, but you can control your own car and your own emotions. What good does it do anyone to get frustrated? I am constantly refraining my thinking in more situations than you can imagine.

I have found that refraining makes you a bit more laid back, too. Yesterday, I set the table for dinner – plates, cups, napkins, silverware – the whole deal. As I went to pick up my cup of water, I dropped it and spilled water all over the table. I remember just picking up the water, walking to the sink, getting a rag, and wiping it up.

No emotion. No frustration.

You see, I can’t control a cup that is already spilled. I finished wiping the table and realized how calm I was. It was a changing moment for me.

So think about situations you encounter every day and how you might be able to handle them a bit differently. It should make a lot of difference in your life as a whole!

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