Wanna Be Happy? Find Your Passion and Live It – Every Day!

Are you truly happy?

Stop and think about that question for just a minute. Are you genuinely happy? Are you satisfied with the direction your life has taken so far? Do you wake up in the morning feeling invigorated and revitalized, ready to tackle the day?

If you answered “No” to any of those questions, then you have some serious reevaluation to do!

You may feel that you’re forever doomed to live your 9-to-5 life until it’s time to meet your maker, but it doesn’t have to be that way! You can live a fulfilling life full of happiness and zeal. You can HAVE that dream job you’ve found yourself daydreaming about. All you have to do is find your passion.

If you’re ready to blow this off right now, well… you CAN. You can go ahead and continue going to your current job. But I’m telling you right now – that job will not only continue to make you miserable, but it will also stop you from ever realizing your full potential in your life.

Your job should be more than a job – you should be PASSIONATE about it. How do you know if you’re passionate about your job? Well, if you find your work fun and exciting and put more hours in your job than the typical worker, and if the time just seems to fly when you’re working, well, I would say you are indeed passionate about it!

If you haven’t found that dream job or your passion in general, don’t fret. ANYONE can find his or her passion at ANY age! Just stick to the following suggestions, and you’re all set!

What Exactly IS Your Passion? Are you passionate about something already? This could include a hobby of yours or something you loved when you were a child. Is there a certain passion that you spend hours upon hours reading about? Well, most of the time, your passions can turn into profitable jobs and career paths. Now wouldn’t you love to make money doing what you love? I thought so.

If you don’t have any passions, don’t worry; there’s still hope! Go somewhere new. Talk to new people or read something new. Be curious and take action! Remember, passion never comes whenever you’re sitting on your rear end on the couch. Go out and create a new experience for yourself!

Brainstorm! Can’t think of anything? Then grab some paper and start writing down some ideas or interests that you have! Look around your home if you have to. Check out your computer or your bookshelf for added inspiration. Remember – there are no bad ideas during the brainstorming session!

Research Your Heart Out – Once you find what you’re passionate about, start researching it! Buy books, scour the Internet for information, and ask around. See what others have discovered as their passions and why they love them so much. Ask people who have the same passions as you about their professions and lives. Be sure to ask them how much they make, what training and education they needed to make it happen, and how they got started. Pick as many brains as you can!

Practice, Practice, Practice – Now it’s time to sharpen your skills! In order to find your dream job and make the money you want, you need to be a professional. Practice your passion for hours on end. Remember, if you’re really passionate about it, you’ll want to practice (and practice often!).

Test It Out! Try doing your passion as a hobby or a side job before jumping full-force into a new career. You may find that you’re only passionate about it for a few days or weeks. In theory, you should really hold that passion for AT LEAST a few months for it to actually work.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Just Yet) – Yes, your job is tedious. Yes, it’s sucks the soul right out of you. But remember, you’ll need income to help you realize your true goals, so don’t put in your letter of resignation tomorrow. Stay at your current job and research whenever you can. If you can do your passion on the side, try to build up your income for a few months or even a year and THEN revisit the idea of quitting your current job.

Don’t Give Up – Even if you can’t find what your passionate about at first, just keep trying. Success never comes easily, so persistence is key!

If you aren’t living the life you want to, I encourage you to find your passion today. Your entire life will change!

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YOU Have The Power!

That’s right – you have the power!

Every time I get behind a slow car, I remember what I always say in training – “You have three choices – you can give ‘em a finger from your hand (your choice as to which finger), you can pull alongside them and yell at your first opportunity, or you can turn up your radio!”

It’s scary that I talk about that in every talk I give, yet I have to remind myself of my own advice each and every single time!

It’s crazy what your mind can do. It can provide you with a ton of options, but the trick to a positive attitude is knowing which option to select. Aside from the previous three options, you always have the fourth option – advice from my mother. She always says, “You should have left earlier.”

So last week my mother was on her way home from a golf outing and as we were talking she yelled, “You dummy… this guy just pulled out in front of me – RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.” I calmly said, “Mom, you should’ve left earlier.”

Yep, she was a bit quiet. I know from personal experience that it is HARD to take your own advice.

But another way to look at this particular situation is to realize what you can and what you cannot control. You cannot control the person in front of you, but you can control your own car and your own emotions. What good does it do anyone to get frustrated? I am constantly refraining my thinking in more situations than you can imagine.

I have found that refraining makes you a bit more laid back, too. Yesterday, I set the table for dinner – plates, cups, napkins, silverware – the whole deal. As I went to pick up my cup of water, I dropped it and spilled water all over the table. I remember just picking up the water, walking to the sink, getting a rag, and wiping it up.

No emotion. No frustration.

You see, I can’t control a cup that is already spilled. I finished wiping the table and realized how calm I was. It was a changing moment for me.

So think about situations you encounter every day and how you might be able to handle them a bit differently. It should make a lot of difference in your life as a whole!

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Is 24 Hours in a Day Not Enough?

Have you ever wished the clock would stop ticking? Are you constantly forgetting everything in your life?  Do you have trouble finding things?

If this sounds like you, don’t worry – you are like most of the human population! In fact, according to the American Demographics Society, Americans waste 9,000,000 hours per day searching for misplaced items.

In today’s world, it is hard to find time to manage time. However, it is well worth it when it is done. Time management is actually something you want to take slowly to do it right. Try this time management quiz to see where you stand.

How did you do?  Now it is time to create goals to help yourself use your time wisely. Once you create a goal, you will be able to nip running late for appointments, forgetting stuff, and undue stress in the bud!

“Sounds wonderful, Dawn, but how do you do such a thing?” you ask.

Ideally, you should create long-term and short-term goals. Your long-term goal may be to organize your entire house while your short-term goal may be to organize the garage. It is important to have both types of goals because the short-term successes keep you positive. When you finish the garage, you will feel HAPPY! This boost of happiness is the kick you need to keep moving from room to room, and before you know it, your long-term goal will be complete!

To start your goal, try these simple organization and time management tips to gain more time in your day, eliminate stress, and save money.

1.     Start small – If your life is extremely disorganized, don’t try to overcome it all at once!  Maybe try organizing the top of your desk, and then tomorrow expand to the inside of your desk.

2.     Put it away NOW – Done using something? Put it away right now, no exceptions. If you don’t put things back where they belong right away, a big mess can sneak up on you. One shirt on the floor may not seem like a big deal, but soon you won’t be able to see the floor!

3.     Create habits – Try to make a routine for laundry, errands, finances, checking email, and well, pretty much everything.  You can optimize your life if you know what you have to do and you know when you’re going to do it. Try writing these habits on a calendar.

4.     Stay focused with to-do lists – Sticky notes are a man’s (and woman’s) best friend. I start my day with a list of tasks I want to complete, and this helps me stay focused. Plus, always prioritize and put the most important thing first on the to-do list to have done.

5.     Wake up early – Don’t be a bed bum! Waking up early (say, 5-6 a.m.) improves your productivity and quality of life. I feel it’s because when you wake up early, your mindset is already set to continue the momentum proactively throughout the day.

6.     Reduce the time you spend on chat programs – I realized having chat programs open at default resulted in a lot of wasted time. Try disabling the auto start-up option in the chat programs to keep yourself on task.

Imagine how great you will feel when you are organized. You will…

·      Enjoy your family more

·      Reduce your forgetfulness

·      Find bonus hours in your day

·      Locate your belongings quickly and easily

·      Arrive early to appointments

Twenty-four hours a day may not be enough for the human population, but now you have an advantage – time management. By setting goals and using the tips given, you can conquer time and set your own watch, leading you to live a happier, more positive life!

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My Pedicure Experience – Relaxing to Ridiculous!

My pedicure might be one of my favorite hours. It is not so much the relaxation (you know that I can’t just sit there – I am working!) but how nice the outcome is with some freshly painted nails and smooth feet.

My recent pedicure started off well. The staff introduced themselves, gathered the tools they needed, asked what type of pedicure I wanted, and got to work.

Then it happened – the staff member’s (the one who was giving me a pedicure) cell phone beeped with a text.

She hid her phone from her boss to read the text. Whatever it said clearly made her angry! She continued to scrape my feet and boom! Another text! She again picked up her phone, read it and, get ready for this – she sent a text back!

So, back to my feet she went AGAIN. About twenty seconds later her phone beeped again, and she stopped (in mid toe), picked up her phone, and went out front.

No explanation. NOTHING.

So, I sat there, for ten (yes, ten) minutes and she was NOWHERE to be found.

I caught the owner’s eye and gesticulated “Where did she go?” with my hands. Clearly, the owner had not seen her leave. So in a different language, she asked the staff where she went. After she received a response, she waited for another employee to finish with another customer and had her finish my pedicure.

I never saw my original girl again.

On the way out the owner asked if everything was okay and also said she was sorry for the confusion. I am not convinced there was confusion as much as horrible customer service. Although I absolutely love going to this particular salon, I have not been back. It has really just left a terrible taste in my mouth.

What would you have done differently?

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Need a New Audiobook? I’ve Got What You’re Looking For!


You know, it’s nearly summertime, and you know what that means – people will be relaxing and going on vacation or simply taking spontaneous road trips to a fun destination.

Sometimes the fun journey can become long and monotonous, and you may find yourself yawing and nearly falling asleep at the wheel as the road before you goes on and on, and your however many CDs that you burned keep rotating over and over and over (yawn!).

Well, instead of listening and hearing the same songs get played continuously until your ears bleed, why not catch up on your reading? No, I’m not talking about reading a novel while you drive (Don’t even get any ideas!)! I’m talking about investing in a good audiobook to keep you company on the road!

In fact, while you’re at it, why not invest in a good audiobook that will make you laugh, make you think, and help you improve your attitude?

That’s where I step in!

My very first published book, Customer Service and Beyond … It Is All About the Wow!, is now available as an audiobook!

What’s that? You’re not taking a road trip anytime soon because work is too hectic? No problem! I’m happy to inform you that you don’t need to be going on vacation anywhere to listen to my audiobook. Heck, if you want, you can simply play the audiobook while you relax at home with your feet up and a glass of wine in your hand.

Though, really, listening to this audiobook on your daily drive to work might be the best thing for you to do for yourself, your future, and your job.

Why? Well, in the audiobook, I discuss all sorts of issues from exemplary and poor customer service tips and stories to changing your negative notions to a positive attitude and so much more! My stories and encounters are bound to keep you laughing, and when you hear me talk about all of my tips for providing excellent customer service or obtaining a more positive mindset, well, it sure could turn your day around!

Who knows? Even your boss might be impressed…

So how can you order this super-cool audiobook? It’s easy! All you have to do is email me at dawn@customerserviceandbeyond.com! You can also pick up your copy of the audiobook (or even the real thing!) at the Troy/Maryville Area Chamber of Commerce in Troy, Illinois, or at Sue’s Corner in Granite City. Easier still, you can order your copy from my website.

So what are you waiting for? Brighten your day and better your attitude and customer service by ordering my audiobook TODAY!

Hey, Olive Garden! YOU Get It!

Hey, Olive Garden! YOU Get It!It’s true – there is the ULTIMATE dining experience out there just for you!

We decided to stop for a quick bite to eat on the way home from Madison, Wisconsin.  There happened to be an Olive Garden along the highway, so we thought it would be a great stop.

Who would have thought just pulling into the parking lot that I would be blogging about this fantastic experience?

As we entered the lobby, an individual with the biggest smile you have ever seen greeted us with, “Hello, welcome to Olive Garden!”  Her tone of voice was inviting, and she was ready to serve us. She asked how many and I said, “Two.”

As we walked to the table, she asked if we have ever been to an Olive Garden, and I said, “Yes, at home.” She asked where “home” was and I said, “St. Louis.”

“Oh,” she said, “I have driven through there! What a great city! Your server (she stated the name) will be with you very shortly.”  Within ten seconds, our server approached us with a wonderful greeting, eye contact, and a very friendly aura about her. It almost made me want to pull out a chair and have her join us.

She said, “So you’re from St. Louis?”

WOW! An actual communication between two staff members!

She explained that she had driven through there many years ago.  She took our order and then, of course, brought us some nice fresh bread.

We were also intrigued by her conversation with the table behind us.  They were also traveling northbound.  There was light discussion on traveling, and then the waitress brought out to-go cups and tightly packed food, commenting, “Now you are going to need this for the ride, so I have packed some extra plastic ware as well as extra ice in your cups.  Be safe and on your way back through town, consider stopping by to see us again!”

Our food came, and it was perfect.  She slid in with some extra Parmesan cheese and plenty of drink refills.  I asked for a to-go box and believe it or not, it was not the same conversation she had with them.

Here is what she said – “So you have a bit of a drive back to St. Louis.  Did you want to take home some dessert to have something to look forward to at the end of your long trip? Or how about some to-go drinks?”

Okay, she had me!

After she brought the bill, I explained to her that every single interaction we had within the last hour at Olive Garden was unbelievable.  She smiled and said, “We want every experience to be fantastic.”

On the way out I stopped and asked the front desk staff member for the manager.  When the manager came out, I shook his hand and told him what I do for a living.  He smiled and said how happy he was that they had exceeded our expectations.  I promised him that I would blog about him and here it is!

Olive Garden – YOU get it!

What Not To Wear (and What To Wear) For Your Next Interview!

May is finally here, and that means that in high schools, colleges, and universities throughout the nation will be holding graduation ceremonies for all of their hard-working graduates. The students will be released into the real world either to further their education or to obtain a job.

If you’re about to graduate and are thinking about finding a job, you may be thinking, “Hey, I got through my Anatomy & Physiology/Spanish IV/Calculus/rocket science class with no problem. This should be a cinch!”

Let me tell you – the job market may be getting a little bit better than it was this time four years ago, but don’t let that fool you. It’s still tough to get a job out there, and with the economy still being where it is today, employers are being ruthlessly selective about whom they choose to be part of their team. These days, the goal of companies is to get as much work done as quickly as possible and for the least amount of money.

What does that mean for you? That means you need to be on your A-game to land a job. And that means (besides having the skills and the experience you need to get in) that you need to dress for success to land that job of yours!

“Oh, but c’mon, Dawn! What about the whole ‘beauty-is-in-the-inside thing’? I’ve got the skills and know-how to get this gig!”

Wrong, my friend!

First impressions these days are everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. In fact, did you know that it takes only three, count ‘em, THREE seconds to make a good first impression with your potential employer? And while your resume, skill set, and experience are all important, they have less power than you may think during the initial hiring process. Why? Because the first thing people will notice about you is your appearance!

Just keep this in mind – you can say all the right things and do all the right things, but if you’re not dressed well for your interview, you will NOT get the job when you’re compared to a lot of other perfectly capable people who are dressed better than you.

So with that in mind, here is a short list of DOs and DON’Ts from me to you! That’s right – I’m gonna go Stacy London and Clinton Kelly on you here! Check out these tips for success in your interview!

DO dress conservatively for your interview. By dressing conservatively, you are showing that you are making an effort and that you are respectful, polite, and mean business.

DON’T wear clothes that are too tight, too loose, or too casual. It will make you look sloppy and lazy.

DO choose an outfit that is customary to your industry. If you’re dressing for a conservative business, don a matching skirt or pantsuit with pantyhose if you’re a woman, and choose close-toed shoes. If you’re interviewing for a public relations or Internet gig, ditch the suits and choose a trendier outfit complete with a button-down shirt, a pair of nice slacks, and sling-back heels.

DON’T show any cleavage! Ladies, this is a big must for you! Avoid wearing see-through garments or anything that gives you an air of sexiness (fishnet stockings, anyone?). It’s not a question of not deserving to look sexy more as a assertion of you’re carrying the message that you feel the way to win the job is by relying on your looks. Save your sexy clothes for the weekend and get serious!

DO invest in a conservative two-piece business suit (or two). Try to get a solid black, dark blue, or gray suit.

DON’T wear too much jewelry. Avoid wearing multiple accessories and bright colors. One ring per hand is more than enough for a man and for a woman (and yes, you can wear your watch). Also, if you wear earrings, men, take them out. In the same way, women, wear only one set of earrings and avoid large, ostentatious jewelry.

DO wear clean, polished, and conservative shoes. Ladies, choose shoes with a conservative heel. Men, choose dark lace-up shoes with dark socks.

DON’T carry a purse, ladies. Use a briefcase instead. If you really must have a purse with you, then use a small one.

DO have a well-groomed hairstyle. Get a haircut and a fresh shave. If you have facial hair, be sure to keep it neat and trimmed.

DON’T fiddle with your hair during the interview. You’re not only showing that you’re not serious about the interview, but you’re also conveying that you’re nervous and unsure of yourself.

DO keep your fingernails neat and trimmed. If you must wear nail polish, use clear or a conservative color such as a nude or a muted tone of pink or red.

DON’T bathe in cologne or perfume. A small sprinkling is acceptable, but nobody likes to walk into a cloud of cologne or perfume!

DO cover any and all visible body piercings (nose rings, eyebrow rings, etc.) and your tattoos. They are seen as unprofessional.

DON’T pile on your makeup, ladies. Simple and small amounts of makeup are just fine, but please don’t look like a clown (unless, of course, you’re trying to snag a job as a clown!).

DO leave your gum, candy, cigarettes, and cell phone behind.

DON’T answer your cell phone during the interview! This should be a no-brainer, but it needs to be stated regardless!

Remember to keep calm, dress your best, and WOW your interviewers! If you follow these tips, you are bound to do well in all of your interviews. Best of luck!