Dawn Mushill has been a public speaker ever since people have listened. She started speaking in front of people in 1994, when she was student teaching. She loved seeing the light bulbs go off in the crowd as she spoke, so she started providing customer service training. She was inspired to become a public speaker because she felt she could assist companies in setting up expectations and providing solid training on what level of customer service the company would like to achieve.  Working in management for 20 years and also as an adjunct professor at Southwestern Illinois College for 17 years, Dawn gives seminars about customer service and attitude from a new, fresh perspective that her audiences enjoy and understand.

An incredibly flexible and animated speaker, Dawn has spoken to audiences on the radio, television, international radio, to non-profits, for profits, schools, large companies, and small companies. Her most requested topics include “Change Your Attitude, Change Your Underwear,” “Exceeding Your Customer’s Expectation,” “Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards,” “Where Do You Find The Time To Manage Time Management,” and living the life you love, and she uses real-life stories and a plan to implement the ideas she presents immediately. She hopes to speak all over the United States to inspire people to do their best, and she also wants to sing in a country band someday.

Dawn has also written and published a book, Customer Service and Beyond… It is all about the WOW!, and she is currently working on two more books. She truly has a passion for what she does each and every single day and encourages people to find their passion – their entire lives will change!

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